About Me

My name is Nerina Spagnuolo Vigorita and since 1993 I’ve had the pleasure of teaching Italian to non-Italian CEOs and General Managers of multi-national companies (see main CLIENTS) in Milan and to their families (including their teenaged children). Up until recently, I was also running Casa Italia, my own little Italian language school.

The 2 main reasons of the great success and effectiveness of my courses.

1) My heart-felt PASSION for teaching and for languages makes it natural for me to bring all my ENTHUSIASM, CREATIVITY, PATIENCE and DEDICATION to each lesson. My students have told me that they feel it too and very often, at the end of the course, I’ve been told that they would have never imagined that learning a language could be so easy, pleasant, quick and fun – what an enormous satisfaction for me!

2) My extremely effective, personal and communicative METHOD of teaching, integrated with the grammatical schemes and exercises I have developed over the years, is based on LOGIC (languages can be very different, but human logic is the same all over the world), LOGICAL CONNECTIONS between words and VISUAL MEMORY.

The majority of my students are CEOs and top managers and I understand they have no time to study but, on the other hand, their company expects me to get them to such a high level of Italian so as to conduct their business in this language. In order to solve that contrast, I have created many diagrams especially made for my students to learn Italian without studying, just by taking a mental photo of my “tricks” (see Examples of logical connections..) and understanding the logical mechanism behind our language.

And after just a few lessons, my students are able to have basic conversations in Italian

Thanks to the sound grammatical knowledge and rich vocabulary I furnish my students with, they are not limited to say only sentences they hear from me or read in a book but, under my relaxed and patient supervision, after just a few lessons, they’re able to say any sentence they want to say, slowly putting one
word after the other (of course any sentence, compatible with the level of knowledge they’ve achieved.)


Other reasons to take a course with me

My natural ability to create a CHEERFUL, RELAXED, ENJOYABLE and POSITIVE ATMOSPHERE that is conducive towards learning.

I use CREATIVITY to invent on the spot new, tailored and innovative solutions to help my students learn in an easy and quick way.

EMPATHIC style of teaching: I always take in the highest consideration the delicate psychological nature of learning a new language as an adult and in a prominent working position.

MY EXCELLENT COMMAND of ENGLISH (Proficiency Exam and Degree in English Literature) allows me to assist my students in a precise and detailed translation of even very difficult texts, such as legal emails, laws, company statutes and so on. I also have a very good command of Spanish and a working knowledge of French.

ONLY ITALIAN language for more than 20 years.

COMPETITIVE PRICES (with invoice) in terms of value for money.

FLEXIBILITY in terms of time and location of the lessons to suit your needs.


Suggest my courses for your next non – Italian colleague coming to Milan, He/she will THANK YOU!

Dear Visitor, thank you for the time you spent reading about me and my course. I do hope you will get in touch!